content="Arial" /> Hollies4ever, I missed you guys!!! And I need some advice!
I missed you guys!!! And I need some advice!

My daughter is 11 years old and lately she has been making some pretty poor decisions and I believe it’s because of her new friends. She confessed to me the day before yesterday to trying a cigarette. I was devastated. yes, I’m a smoker but I am trying so hard to quit and I have warned my kids about the dangers of smoking. So, I grounded her and decided to stay offline for a couple of days and give her my undivided attention. I hope it has worked. Then she tells me that one of the boys she has been hanging with tried to talk her into taking money from my purse so they could buy alcohol. She had enough sense to tell him no and that makes me proud. But I don’t want her hanging out with these kids anymore but I also don’t want her to hate me and think I am being too controlling. What do I do? The boy showed up at my door this morning asking for her to come out but I said no and slammed the door in his face, lol. I know he’s just a kid but trust me, it’s better to slam the door than to do what I really wanted to do which is tell the little bugger off and wring his neck! Lol. Katie was embarrassed but not mad. Help me guys! What do I do next time he comes back?

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